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I don’t know why I love this video so much… but it made me laugh and laugh until I started crying!! I’m sure I’m going to you know where for thinking it’s funny..but she did post it on YouTube! 🙂

We’ll see how long the video stays on youtube  MTV posted the unedited video…it’s a lot more raunchy than the 20/20 one… but here’s Britney’s new video for Womanizer….

I love these videos… they make me LAUGH hysterically!!       

…this would be the opening. 🙂  This is from an Italian show in the 80’s apparently. I think it’s hilarious!!

OK… so this isn’t 100% work appropriate… but I found it HILARIOUS!!! My friend put this together….  OH Palin…. What I find most fascinating is the juxtaposition between the two… who is it degrading to? I’m intrigued…