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I hope the internet doesn’t kill me! 😦 That would be scary. Like that mov movie “The Ring”.  CREEPY! this article talks about how polite disagreement has gone away (I’m looking at you friends! haha! thanks though!)  as well as Punctuality, Telephone directories, etc.  Check it out!

I haven’t quite had the chance to write all I think and feel America is headed with voting and passing prop 8 in California… but here’s Kaith Olbermann’s passionate speech regarding the subject… 

Sock and Awe!!


You gotta play this great gam!! SOCK and AWE ] click above or click HERE

I don’t know if I’m more happy that Obama won or that Sarah Palin will be a Trivia Question in ten years from now. 🙂    in celebration I found this odd video.. 🙂 

Love this poll tracker!! The best part is that New Mexico (my birthstate) and Colorado (my homestate) went blue!! 🙂 [clearspring_widget title=”Decision ’08 Presidential Results” wid=”48ff995c49a30ff2″ pid=”4912610ad54ef738″ width=”400″ height=”545″ domain=””]

Found this news clip on YouTube. CRAZY! The woman in a suburb of Detroit refused to give candy to any kid that supports Obama or parent’s support Obama.  I’m sure it’s logical… considering you shouldn’t be trick or treating if you’re of voting age! :  

Saw this today. Thought it might be a nice idea to give the Dark Knight a run at the oval office!! 🙂