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I love how dumb Sarah Palin is.  I really do.  I love it even more that since the election results more and more info and awareness is being presented to how uneducated she is.  She’s that insane.   Well this video made my day… NAY… my month.  Sarah Palin was asked to pardon a turkey […]

I don’t know if I’m more happy that Obama won or that Sarah Palin will be a Trivia Question in ten years from now. 🙂    in celebration I found this odd video.. 🙂 

I do love the skits… my favorite had to be the first one with Hillary and Palin but last Saturday’s was comedic as well… here they both are … (I love the Rap! I’ve included the lyrics as well!) Tina Fey is quoted as saying — ““If she wins, I’m done… and by ‘I’m done,’ […]

Thought this was a funny article!!!  (RICHMOND, VA.) – Protesters at Sarah Palin’s rallies can always expect to be shot down with some choice words from the candidate. But at a rally here today, the confused Alaska governor mistakenly issued a stern rebuke to her own supporters.  The outdoor crowd was so massive that many […]

OK… so this isn’t 100% work appropriate… but I found it HILARIOUS!!! My friend put this together….  OH Palin…. What I find most fascinating is the juxtaposition between the two… who is it degrading to? I’m intrigued… 

I know she’s from Alaska.  I like Alaska!!! I know many intelligent, creative and cutting edge people from Alaska…. BUT Palin was asked by Katie Couric what magazines or newspapers she was receiving news from…. her response…??? watch and be amazed…

So a new study shows that the AIDS virus has been around for over a hundred years.  Here’s some snippets from the article —   Genetic analysis pushes the estimated origin of HIV back to between 1884 and 1924, with a more focused estimate at 1908. The new result is “not a monumental shift, but it […]

Palin gets question, looks to McCain, demurs   This is what happens when campaigns let reporters into photo ops.  They get all uppity and ask questions. From the pool report account of what happened after McCain and Palin’s meeting with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvilli and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko: McCain then looked around the room and […]

found this interesting…. “Al-Queda terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America and [Obama’s] worried that someone won’t read them their rights.”     —-Palin   wow. how psychotic republican of her. his response?  “My position has always been clear: If you’ve got a terrorist, take him out, anybody who was involved in 9/11, take […]