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LOVE this song!! Why have I not been listening to this group earlier?!?! GEEZ!! Love this song… video is ok… but the song! WHEW! Go download it! P.S. I rock at chess btw. I am putting out a challenge to anyone!

Have I mentioned heavily before that I just LOVE literal music videos?? This one is fab fab fab! Not only is it the best karaoke song ever, but an incredible literal music video!

Don’t you just LOVE end of the year lists? (see: overdone and boastfully-smug).  Well… it’s that time again! I was hesitant at first to start writing my list of the best albums of 2009 because I honestly didn’t think I could come up with fifteen.  Ha! Boy, was  I wrong.  It wasn’t until I started […]

I really, really LOVE La Roux. I don’t quite know what exactly it is about them.  Love the throwback 80’s of course, but it’s also her cocky attitude. Here’s an excellent song off their first CD.

I am going to sound like an old fart, but I really don’t believe music is at all what it used to be. Just look at Billie Holiday.  Can you imagine this song being released today?  With a Lady Gaga remix? Ugh.  Talking about slaves hanging from a tree and how they look like very […]

Love this video!

OK…. it’s my new obsession. I LOVE IT!! It’s called ‘Literal Music Videos’ and they are just amazing…ever wish music videos sang about what was actually going on in the video?? well….here’s two that I love!! —Take On Me — —Head Over Here—-