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LOVE THIS!! haha!! “Former schoolteacher Deborah Parish (we’re unsure on the spelling, since we got her name from the video), wanted to impress upon the agency that you can teach kids to get sexy without taking their clothes off, a proposition for which the fact that she had gone all her 56 years without “technically” […]

This is too much.  TOO much for me to handle!!! BWAHAHHAAAA….. Come to think of it though… I should probably get rid of every single Middle School picture I have of me! 🙂

My FAVORITE new internet sensation is slowing down Jeff Goldblum’s Apple commercials until it sounds like he’s intoxicated.  I find them REALLY… REALLY humorous… ENJOY!   

I don’t know why I love this video so much… but it made me laugh and laugh until I started crying!! I’m sure I’m going to you know where for thinking it’s funny..but she did post it on YouTube! 🙂

Baby eats dog..


HILARIOUS!!!  My Korean friend saw it and said — “How Asian of her!?!”  

My new obsession is RABBITS WITH HATS!! 🙂  I’ve only found two… I NEED more… and Google is barren with images…