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I’ll miss the adorable puppies of 2008.. but here’s to 2009’s!   

Wink! ;)


This made my Sunday morning that much better!

This is super cute.  It is also super bizarre.  It’s a cute cat cuddling with a cute horse with an amazing song in the background.  Enjoy! 🙂   

Slinky Cat!


I want a cat that doubles as a slinky!! So cute!

So one of my very first Blog posts (many moons ago!!) was about wanting a Corgi… I still haven’t gotten one yet.. but enjoy these amazing photos of a Corgi puppy! 🙂

This is how I need to start my morning…. although I’m sure the neighbors found it humorous for about 2 minutes. 🙂

Love these!! 🙂  

These cats know how to stay in shape!!  via Today’s Big Thing

Baby eats dog..


HILARIOUS!!!  My Korean friend saw it and said — “How Asian of her!?!”  

My new obsession is RABBITS WITH HATS!! 🙂  I’ve only found two… I NEED more… and Google is barren with images… 

Ok… I’m in love with this story.  A man in the Florida Keys always takes his little Rat Terrier Jake to the pier and lets him jump in the water and swim around… cute right? WELL… one day he takes him down and a five foot long shark lunges up and grabs the dog with […]

i liked this video a lot… i need to learn to do animation like these folks!!!