This is just amazing.  The reason I like it even more is the fact that hipsters are so obsessed with “Where the Wild Things Are” for some odd reason. Who knows.  This represents about 90% of my friends in Austin… and everyone I know from LA. ha!


LOVE this band! My favorite local band here in Austin.  There are a lot of bands here in the ol’ ATX…some good (Pompeii) and some bad (I can’t tell ya right now!). Anywho.. enjoy!


It may sound weird… but I am VERY excited for Lilith Fair 2010.  The lineup is going to be OUTSTANDING!! Check out  some of the names! —

Brandi Carlile

Corinne Bailey Rae

Sara Bareilles

Jill Scott

Erykah Badu

The Weepies

Jennifer Knapp

Ingrid Michaelson
YEAH… totes gonna go

As I’m sure you all may know… I’m a sucker for CUTE animals dressed up in costumes.  I also am a sucker for little piglets and Corgis.  This next ad for the New York Lotto combines all of my favorite things into one! I dare you not to smile at this video!

I LOVE my case. LOOOOOOVE it. I have been an avid fan of everything InCase has made.  Go check them out at — you will NOT be dissapointed in their outstanding prodcut! Just don’t get my new case– GOLD– I wanna be the only one with it! 🙂

Jay Brannan covering Joni Mitchell in Paris??? YES, PLEASE!!! An incredible song by an incredible artist. Enjoy…