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Bwahaha…. ridiculous video

So I totally have fallen for a similar Maze Prank game but this kid’s reaction is priceless.  You may ask if I even have a heart…. bwahahhaa….    youtube link HERE check out the original site HERE

I love these videos… they make me LAUGH hysterically!!       

“Womanizer” thoughts??  I think it’ll take a bit to grow on me… 

Singing Road!!


There’s a couple roads in Lancaster, CA that when you drive over them… they play music!! Based on the ridges in the road and your tires they play!  Honda made and sponsored on that is being paved over because it’s William Tell Overture is so out of tune and bad!!  Here’s another one though… I […]

this is by far the song of the week/month… I’m in love with it for some reason.  The band name is The Veronicas and they are twins from Australia.  check out my favorite of their songs… “Untouched”

OK…so I think it’s a romantic song even though she sings about being pushed away bitterly.   I think the second reason I love this video is the CHEESY soap opera that accompanies it.  🙂  So enjoy one of my favorite musicians — Me’Shell Ndegeocello…. “Bitter” and here is one of my other favorite songs […]