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LOVE this band! My favorite local band here in Austin.  There are a lot of bands here in the ol’ ATX…some good (Pompeii) and some bad (I can’t tell ya right now!). Anywho.. enjoy!

Jay Brannan covering Joni Mitchell in Paris??? YES, PLEASE!!! An incredible song by an incredible artist. Enjoy…

Oh 1968…. I should of been 25 then… I’m about 40 years too late… sigh.. here’s an amazing song….

I am going to sound like an old fart, but I really don’t believe music is at all what it used to be. Just look at Billie Holiday.  Can you imagine this song being released today?  With a Lady Gaga remix? Ugh.  Talking about slaves hanging from a tree and how they look like very […]

I hope the internet doesn’t kill me! 😦 That would be scary. Like that mov movie “The Ring”.  CREEPY! this article talks about how polite disagreement has gone away (I’m looking at you friends! haha! thanks though!)  as well as Punctuality, Telephone directories, etc.  Check it out!

How cute is this?!?! the kitty falls asleep! ^_^

My favorite Madonna video is by far “Frozen”.  It’s creepy….weird and has a great melody to it! enjoy!

LOVE this song


Late of the Pier “Heartbeat” such a cool video!!

I love how universal that stupid song is. Granted I’m STILL in love with the Single Ladies song… here are some Filipino boys dancing to it!

UT Austin


Where I go to school!! I found a promo video!  I love my Ad Grad program… granted it’s not as exciting as this… ha!

New study examines what it is to be popular as well as what relation there is between being healthy and being popular. “Researchers from Sweden found that being unpopular in school increased a person’s risk of heart disease and diabetes — while being popular was linked to good health as an adult. Results from the […]

Battle of the sexes (?) Two fonts head to head… take the challenge and see if you survive!!!


“I can now die saying I saw a 450lb man with pierced nipples.”

MAKE ME- Janet


LOVE this song.. check it out on her site…

Oh Palin!


You so funny……

Emos for Obama


Eddie the dog deserves a vote!! It’s my friend Allison’s dog… he deserves to win!!!

such a beautiful song!