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I think Karen Walker and Tina Fey had a love child…and that love child is named Sarah Palin.   🙂

my good friend Duncan Ramsay (check out his site HERE) sent me this email with the headlines of CNN’s top news stories of the day… we both thought they were funny….

mccain ad


this is an actual billboard in LA….. an artist put it up…. geez I LOVE LA! 🙂

apparently putting this art display in your NYC window gets the cop’s attention! 🙂

this was on some pop-up ad about visiting state capitols…. kinda interesting…. Denver’s has a gold top.Austin’s is brown and hot looking all over.Denver’s is cold looking.Austin’s is the tallest in the country….. randomness!

So I’m innocently logging into MySpace (which I loathe btw) and  have an email from my good friend Ryan Barone…. (who’s one of the greatest men I’ve known) and he tells me that he saw myself in a documentary called “Unborn in the USA”.  Which I was surprised to know about…..I mean I vaguely remember […]