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I must see this movie. MUST.  Perhaps it is because I am in the middle of my Advertising program here at UT-Austin, but I am ALL consumed with everything dealing with advertising.  This movie is no exception.  Especially the fact that TBWA/Chiat/Day is my DREAM agency! 🙂

I found this a while back and found it quite beautiful.  I’ve always been a fan of the beautiful and very French Audrey Tautou.  Here she is in the long version of the Chanel No 5 commercial…  

So I re-watched the amazingly fascinating movie “Paris Je’Taime” and I was FLOORED! ! I forgot how great this movie was!! Perhaps because when I saw it in the theater it was with the ex…but still… after watching it tonight I have completely swooned myself all over this amazing film.  With 18 different directors working […]

How cool are these??  I want these hoodies!!! Except they’re 98 bucks?!?! CRAZY!!! 

I got to go to an advanced screening of this film last night… it was… interesting.  I wasn’t that impressed to say the least.  Given that it’s supposed to be a Documentary, it didn’t quite live up to the standards I was expecting.  Some story lines seemed forced and edited down to a very specific […]

I’ll have to blog later about the amazingness that IS The Alamo Drafthouse…… but until then…. here’s August’s trailer!  August’s Alamo Montage from Henri Mazza on Vimeo.



� <!– Alternative content <!– So kinda cool story…. the directors of “Baghead” used to live in Austin and when they came out with their latest movie they decided to premiere/release it in Austin only.  So June 10th it was in Austin…and not until July 20 something it will be in NYC and LA.  Kinda […]

the fall


WOW! I just saw the most amazing movie trailer!!! It’s be the director who did one of my top 30 films of all time……. “The Cell”….. and it looks visually incredible! Check out the trailer HERE So it’s supposed to be these two characters in a hospital and the older one tells the younger girl […]

tell me this promo pic of her new movie isn’t hot….

nice to know celebrities don’t even look like themselves!! ha!!  see?? this is what makes me mad about body image… NO ONE looks like the ads or the stars or any of that… gag

“sooner or later you’re gonna be mine…..  sooner or later you’re gonna be….fine… …baby you’re mine on a platter….” my favorite song from one of my top 3 favorite movies of all time…. performed by the talented Miss Min…  here’s the Miss Min version and the original one from the movie performed by Madonna— “No […]

i blogged many moons ago about how much I loved the song “The Origin of Love” from the musical -Hedwig and the Angry Inch-  Well last night while packing I came across the DVD of it and put it on and had myself a dancing feast while shoving clothes into little boxes.  🙂  ENJOY!

I’m having a dilemma….. I think I HATE Netflix…. sigh…. they seem to “receive” my movie five days after I mail them and seem to take another four for me to actually have them in my mailbox.  🙂   Maybe I’ll go back to the day when that lovely chubby woman at Blockbuster used to […]