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I came across both of these today at work and they made me smile….  The first one is from BrightKite (which is apparently the NEW hip thing?!).  I’ve been a beta tester for over five months… since moving to Austin though there hasn’t been as many users as in Denver (where it’s based).   The […]

We always say that the sky is blue, even when it is gray, because we know that the color is still there…above the clouds.” -Paulo Coelho

…this would be the opening. 🙂  This is from an Italian show in the 80’s apparently. I think it’s hilarious!!

OK. So I wasn’t too stressed about Hurricane Ike, until I heard the update on it.  It’s apparently going to hit Saturday morning at the coast and reach Austin with up to 70 MPH winds.  Oh my goodness….I’m going to fly away.  So needless to say I’m a little worried.  It’s already killed over 100 […]

so above is an original picture of me….. from a good time this year in San Francisco, CA where I was sent there by work for some training.  Lots of fun.  NOW below…. is my face transformed!! 🙂 haha… check it out! It’s scary! 🙂   via Faces of the Future Me as a Baby […]

lack of posts


as some of my friends and loyal readers have emailed me…. i’ve been on a little posting hiatus! sorry!  i was packing and moving (just a couple miles south)  so forgive the slowness!! 

cutest thing ever!!!  🙂