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So I needed some therapy last week…. just a lot on my mind and nowhere to express it.  I tried some writing and it felt uninspired.  I poured myself more and more into my workout routines.  Fail.  There just seemed to be some weird continuing spiral of confusion inside my head.  So I took to […]

perhaps…. I guess you can say that… AHHHHHH!!!! this is how I feel—- 

UGH. Worst part of the year.  When I decide to go on a diet. LOOK OUT potential suitors and friends in a two mile radius…. AHHHHHH …. demonic diet inducing craziness is about to start!! BWAHAHA. OK so technically I started my diet two weeks ago…. BUT currently I’m in Colorado with my family and […]

After a rather strange-no-reason hiatus… I’m BACK! Parents lock up your daughters! Ha! Hopefully I will be better at blogging! 🙂    Let’s see if that works! 🙂

2009 and Me


yes I realize I have been VERY slow on the posts… it’s called LIFE and the craziness that follows.  I promise to update VERY soon the blog world on all of the things in the last month that have made my life exciting but very busy… until then enjoy the fun pictures and videos!

So I’m officially a nerd.  I knew I was since around 4th grade… but it’s official.  This show seriously rocks my world.  I Have started a re-run marathon of all the seasons back to back.  I’m convinced I’m a Cylon (which rocks) as well as I’m throwing a party for the Season Finale (sometime in […]

So I started running this week… for various reasons…. Let me make a list of why– 1. I have gained 15 lbs since moving to Austin, TX from Denver, CO 2. I can’t afford a therapist 3. I want all the hot people walking down the street to think to themselves “OH, I want to […]