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DON’T JUDGE  (I’m looking at you roommates!!)  but this is my new favorite TV show…. 🙂

remind me not to be around Judge Judy when an earthquake happens… she’ll run for the hills!!!!! 🙂

Ok, so for a while now I’ve LOVED this clip.  EVERY… I mean EVERY time I see it…. I BURST INTO UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER!!!!  haha!! HAPPY WEEKEND!!!  p.s. I’ll be in Dallas for my cousin’s wedding! So hence a lack of posts will ensue…

tell me this promo pic of her new movie isn’t hot….

So don’t make fun of me but I did in fact watch the first episode of The Real World: Hollywood.   Ha!  Many of you may remember my flirtation with a stint on the show…. so I wanted to tune in and see what my potential roommates would of looked like…. wow. MTV really has […]