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the N64 kid


How did I miss this video last week?!!? AMAZING… this could have been me… but i was never this obnoxious… I always did the shy , aw-shucks thing while opening presents.

WOW. Like…. WOW.  I can’t believe this guy’s bid for the showcase!! haha! That’s probably something I would do– a brand new car, a painting and a new vacuum… $300,000!!! Haha! Check out Bob’s reaction, or for that matter the audience’s! 🙂

This is just amazing.  The reason I like it even more is the fact that hipsters are so obsessed with “Where the Wild Things Are” for some odd reason. Who knows.  This represents about 90% of my friends in Austin… and everyone I know from LA. ha!

LOVE THIS!! haha!! “Former schoolteacher Deborah Parish (we’re unsure on the spelling, since we got her name from the video), wanted to impress upon the agency that you can teach kids to get sexy without taking their clothes off, a proposition for which the fact that she had gone all her 56 years without “technically” […]

This video made me O H so happy.  I love me some Kristin Chenoweth and some pranks.  Of course Ellen is hilarious and makes this an even better video to cure you of any rainy-day ailments! hehe!

I have to admit. I kind of love this show. It took me about 2-hours to get through the first episode because it was THAT bad. I kept getting water/food/sedatives to get through it.  Once I realized that there was absolutely no redeeming value WHATSOEVER– I gave in and enjoyed it. 🙂 Apparently my Jersey […]

I’ve felt this way A LOT in my life! Ha! This is really how I look when I try to ride a bull! ha! It is BAD that I laughed so LOUD at this video.