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This is what Austin needs == A GREEN Pizza box! I love it.  I would really use this on a weekly basis (OK … if I wasn’t on my horrendous DIET – UGH).  Maybe I should get endless pizza from Homeslice for posting this–and telling them about it! 😀  

I <3 Rudy’s


I am in love with Rudy’s!! It’s great BBQ combined with a gas station!! Ha!

i liked this video a lot… i need to learn to do animation like these folks!!!

Taco Cabana


If you know of Taco Cabana you are either privileged or unfortunate.  When I knew of them in Albuquerque in 1994-1998 they were the shizznet…. always good, always tthe crem de la creme of fast food.  Fast forward until today, they are apparently two steps behind Taco Bell.  Sad. Very Sad.  I used to get the #74 […]

Here I am in Dallas!!  Here for my cousin Andrea’s wedding!!! WOOO!!! I’ll have to post pictures once I get them! 🙂  CONGRATS ANDREA!! 

Here I am in Dallas!!  Here for my cousin Andrea’s wedding!!! WOOO!!! I’ll have to post pictures once I get them! 🙂  CONGRATS ANDREA!! 

First I must start out by saying I am Spanish and am in no way being racially disrespectful to my own people…ha! Ok, so I’ve been to the original Chipotle in Denver, Colorado more times than I can count.  One of my FAVORITE places in the entire WORLD is Chipotle.  I’ve really but unhealthily obsessed […]

tell me this promo pic of her new movie isn’t hot….

So I was wondering around Austin the other day and I looked up and saw this striking red-head…. I thought to myself… “I know this woman…she looks familiar….”  Lucille Ball?  Addison from Grey’s Anatomy?   Ginger Spice?  The Weakest Link Woman?  Conan O’Brian?   NO!!! it’s famous NYC Blogger turned author turned Austin blogger STEPHANIE […]

So I was casually perusing through my new Sunday hangout spot -Whole Foods HQ in downtown Austin- when I came across a bag that blew my mind!! It’s called the FEED 100 bag, designed by Lauren Bush (George W. Bush’s niece) and the purchase of it “provides 100 nutritious meals to hungry school age children […]

fun weekend!


So my favorite Aunt and Uncle from Orange County came out to visit for the weekend….which was WAY fun!!  We went horseback riding, out to Red Robbin, the gym, a massage, the Kentucky Derby, the mall and to a Rockies game!  (half of that is an inside joke…hehe..)  They’re the greats family fo sho…and we definitely had […]

My question of the day revolves around a certain food… so I’m on a crazy diet (when am I not?! right?!) and I’m trying to not have carbs for 2 weeks.  So today I’m dead tired from doing my insane swimming workout plan last night (42 laps…which equals about a mile and a quarter…gag….) I […]

happy easter!!!


8:30am – church 11:00am – Marriott buffet (Omelettes and Mimosas…mmmm….) 11:30am – attacked by the creepy easter bunny 12:15pm – finished my fifth plate of food 12:20pm – creepy Easter bunny gave me a back massage, so I got a picture Have a great Easter celebration today!! (the bunny ‘dancing’…..creepy…..)