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As I’m sure you all may know… I’m a sucker for CUTE animals dressed up in costumes.  I also am a sucker for little piglets and Corgis.  This next ad for the New York Lotto combines all of my favorite things into one! I dare you not to smile at this video!

Whistling dog!!


I want a dog that whistles this cute!! I bet it’s fun for the first couple days…. THAN when he knows it will wake you up… uses it to destroy!   

This is how I need to start my morning…. although I’m sure the neighbors found it humorous for about 2 minutes. 🙂

Ok… I’m in love with this story.  A man in the Florida Keys always takes his little Rat Terrier Jake to the pier and lets him jump in the water and swim around… cute right? WELL… one day he takes him down and a five foot long shark lunges up and grabs the dog with […]

BARK 4 Obama!


I think I’ll have to get this shirt for my dog Rocky…. he’s DEFINITELY a Democrat! 🙂   I was in Denver for the Convention…. more to come…

First things first…. Shout out to my Mom! Haha.. She showed me this clip and it is quite hilarious in a warm fuzzy you could almost throw-up-a-little-bit kind of way… 🙂

these made my middle of the week that much better…..

WAY too cute! this dog has a purse and sunglasses on! BWAHAHA

sailor pug!




smiling dog



cute dog! :)


AY AY! I’M AN hispanic dog! 🙂 

AY AY! I’M AN hispanic dog! 🙂 

so cute..

thought I’d bring some cute dogs to this Saturday! 🙂

so last night I was fortunate enough to be able to video chat with the family!! THAT made my day… scratch that… MY WEEK! 🙂 they make me so happy!! So I gave them a tour of my new place, the roommate’s cat (UCHI!) and the such!! WAY fun!! (even though iChat was being mean […]

scuba dog!!


i love it!!! i hope the dog discovers great things in the ocean…..