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Ok… my birthday is in late August… BUT until then.. start saving up money because I want a red panda. Seriously. I’ll name him Coco Scarferton.

As I’m sure you all may know… I’m a sucker for CUTE animals dressed up in costumes.  I also am a sucker for little piglets and Corgis.  This next ad for the New York Lotto combines all of my favorite things into one! I dare you not to smile at this video!

Dramatic CAT!


Imagine you’re floating along in your boat (hopefully not lost like those NFL players!!) ..and you stumble across a PINK dolphin?!?! What has Lisa Frank taken over the world? Are you on the LOST island?! No! You’ve met an albino dolphin!! This pink wonder lives in the gulf of Mexico and has been causing quite […]

Cute Animals


these made me smile a little longer today….

this is just TOO cute!! 🙂

I’ll miss the adorable puppies of 2008.. but here’s to 2009’s!   

I loved this!!!!

Wink! ;)


This made my Sunday morning that much better!

I want this to be me when I take photos….

This is super cute.  It is also super bizarre.  It’s a cute cat cuddling with a cute horse with an amazing song in the background.  Enjoy! 🙂   

This is by far the cutest thing I’ve seen on the internet…. a LIVE web cam inside a Shiba Inu Puppy bed!! It’s also streaming so the fun NEVER stops! 🙂

Orphan Penguins


This video made me tear up a little…. cute little orphan Penguins…   check out the video HERE

This cat brought in 10 Million dollars to a small town in Japan. Why? Because he’s the train conductor! 🙂  

So I started running this week… for various reasons…. Let me make a list of why– 1. I have gained 15 lbs since moving to Austin, TX from Denver, CO 2. I can’t afford a therapist 3. I want all the hot people walking down the street to think to themselves “OH, I want to […]

So one of my very first Blog posts (many moons ago!!) was about wanting a Corgi… I still haven’t gotten one yet.. but enjoy these amazing photos of a Corgi puppy! 🙂

This is how I need to start my morning…. although I’m sure the neighbors found it humorous for about 2 minutes. 🙂