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the N64 kid


How did I miss this video last week?!!? AMAZING… this could have been me… but i was never this obnoxious… I always did the shy , aw-shucks thing while opening presents.

The guy who was the cashier at CVS kind of… well… ok… he DID have Kate Gosselin’s haircut. UGH. SCARY. BLAH! 🙂 Crazy hair!

My Sexy Dance!


This is how I will be dancing in the clubs this weekend!! Better look out! 🙂

This is too much.  TOO much for me to handle!!! BWAHAHHAAAA….. Come to think of it though… I should probably get rid of every single Middle School picture I have of me! 🙂

perhaps…. I guess you can say that… AHHHHHH!!!! this is how I feel—- 

This is just weird.  I always felt slightly disarmed looking at the robotic/alien qualities of Cindy McCain but now she has Twitter? Ugh. Call my cynical…but is she really all that excited to visit the Log Cabin Republicans? Bizarre… I thought McCain’s stance on homosexuals wasn’t the most positive? Call me crazy. Fabulous? REALLY??

I have absolutely NO IDEA what this video means…. but I LOVE IT! 🙂  My friend Duncan sent it to me… see what you think…