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the N64 kid


How did I miss this video last week?!!? AMAZING… this could have been me… but i was never this obnoxious… I always did the shy , aw-shucks thing while opening presents.

The guy who was the cashier at CVS kind of… well… ok… he DID have Kate Gosselin’s haircut. UGH. SCARY. BLAH! 🙂 Crazy hair!

My Sexy Dance!


This is how I will be dancing in the clubs this weekend!! Better look out! 🙂

This is too much.  TOO much for me to handle!!! BWAHAHHAAAA….. Come to think of it though… I should probably get rid of every single Middle School picture I have of me! 🙂

perhaps…. I guess you can say that… AHHHHHH!!!! this is how I feel—- 

This is just weird.  I always felt slightly disarmed looking at the robotic/alien qualities of Cindy McCain but now she has Twitter? Ugh. Call my cynical…but is she really all that excited to visit the Log Cabin Republicans? Bizarre… I thought McCain’s stance on homosexuals wasn’t the most positive? Call me crazy. Fabulous? REALLY??

I have absolutely NO IDEA what this video means…. but I LOVE IT! 🙂  My friend Duncan sent it to me… see what you think…  

I love how dumb Sarah Palin is.  I really do.  I love it even more that since the election results more and more info and awareness is being presented to how uneducated she is.  She’s that insane.   Well this video made my day… NAY… my month.  Sarah Palin was asked to pardon a turkey […]

Bizarre.  That’s all I can say.  Apparently a man in the UK was being evicted, offered a place to live and instead decided to prove a “point” and cut his head off with a chainsaw…. by his own doings.  Weird.  Here’s an excerpt and a picture of the flat.  I don’t think the place looks […]

Talk about freaky advertising! UGH! This commercial from yesteryears is FREAKY!! I wouldn’t give my daughter this doll!! 

I have been known to pack a lot for a trip… even came back from Northern California with a 70lb suitcase (when you’re allowed 50lbs!).  Mariah Carey has lost it though… talk about coming with baggage!! 🙂 lol   \

So I started running this week… for various reasons…. Let me make a list of why– 1. I have gained 15 lbs since moving to Austin, TX from Denver, CO 2. I can’t afford a therapist 3. I want all the hot people walking down the street to think to themselves “OH, I want to […]

Found this news clip on YouTube. CRAZY! The woman in a suburb of Detroit refused to give candy to any kid that supports Obama or parent’s support Obama.  I’m sure it’s logical… considering you shouldn’t be trick or treating if you’re of voting age! :  

…this would be the opening. 🙂  This is from an Italian show in the 80’s apparently. I think it’s hilarious!!

I know she’s from Alaska.  I like Alaska!!! I know many intelligent, creative and cutting edge people from Alaska…. BUT Palin was asked by Katie Couric what magazines or newspapers she was receiving news from…. her response…??? watch and be amazed…

So a new study shows that the AIDS virus has been around for over a hundred years.  Here’s some snippets from the article —   Genetic analysis pushes the estimated origin of HIV back to between 1884 and 1924, with a more focused estimate at 1908. The new result is “not a monumental shift, but it […]

Found this on…. thought it was hilarious!!! 🙂

Is this what our babies are going to look like 50 years from now?!!?  🙂 var gaJsHost = ((“https:” == document.location.protocol) ? “https://ssl.” : “http://www.”); document.write(unescape(“%3Cscript src=’” + gaJsHost + “’ type=’text/javascript’%3E%3C/script%3E”)); var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker(“UA-3107828-5”); pageTracker._trackPageview();