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Dramatic CAT!


Slinky Cat!


I want a cat that doubles as a slinky!! So cute!

this made me smile… 1.  a firefighter rescued a cat from a burning building…. the cat was UNCONSCIOUS!!!!!  The firefighter gave the cat mouth-to-meowth (bwaha…) resuscitation!!! It made me happy… 2.  Cute cat doing technical support on a printer. HILARIOUS! 



This cat is my hero!!! Haha… I love the owner/mom in this clip.  I think my mom (love ya Roseanne….) is a little bit like this woman.   She taught her cat to eat with a fork.  She taught her cat to eat with CHOPSTICKS!!! (because it would be a good gesture since they’re visiting […]

check out this CUTE kitty with two faces!!!  WOWZERS!!!