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i was browsing around the world wide web when I discovered this interesting article comparing living in Seattle to living in Austin.  Just thought I’d throw it out there!! 🙂 AUSTIN VS. SEATTLE: South By Southwest or Pacific Northwest? Posted by Shilo Urban Categories: Culture, Music, Shilo With all the brou-haha over the South By Southwest Music Festival going on right […]

OK…so I think it’s a romantic song even though she sings about being pushed away bitterly.   I think the second reason I love this video is the CHEESY soap opera that accompanies it.  🙂  So enjoy one of my favorite musicians — Me’Shell Ndegeocello…. “Bitter” and here is one of my other favorite songs […]

thought I’d put a little bit of my fav phone photos together… 🙂 

I came across this trailer for the Real World: Austin and it made me laugh!!  haha… oh drama….

I’ll have to blog later about the amazingness that IS The Alamo Drafthouse…… but until then…. here’s August’s trailer!  August’s Alamo Montage from Henri Mazza on Vimeo.

lack of posts


as some of my friends and loyal readers have emailed me…. i’ve been on a little posting hiatus! sorry!  i was packing and moving (just a couple miles south)  so forgive the slowness!! 

cutest thing ever!!!  🙂