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I must see this movie. MUST.  Perhaps it is because I am in the middle of my Advertising program here at UT-Austin, but I am ALL consumed with everything dealing with advertising.  This movie is no exception.  Especially the fact that TBWA/Chiat/Day is my DREAM agency! 🙂

Looking at back at some of my favorite advertising masterpieces of all time… I found one that’s so low brow —  it’s HILARIOUS.  OK. I remember when Hardee’s/Carl’s JR came out with this fab commercial. OH how I love it.  OH how I love the Western Bacon burger… MMM… all I think about on my […]

I found this a while back and found it quite beautiful.  I’ve always been a fan of the beautiful and very French Audrey Tautou.  Here she is in the long version of the Chanel No 5 commercial…  

I’m always amazed by how TV spots have the opportunity to embed their brand into your psyche.  I’ll have to do a post on random ads that have changed advertising…but as of today I’m focusing on Target and Old Navy.  Two brands that have seen pretty radical changes of their focus audience over the past […]