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the N64 kid


How did I miss this video last week?!!? AMAZING… this could have been me… but i was never this obnoxious… I always did the shy , aw-shucks thing while opening presents.

The guy who was the cashier at CVS kind of… well… ok… he DID have Kate Gosselin’s haircut. UGH. SCARY. BLAH! 🙂 Crazy hair!

WOW. Like…. WOW.  I can’t believe this guy’s bid for the showcase!! haha! That’s probably something I would do– a brand new car, a painting and a new vacuum… $300,000!!! Haha! Check out Bob’s reaction, or for that matter the audience’s! 🙂

I must see this movie. MUST.  Perhaps it is because I am in the middle of my Advertising program here at UT-Austin, but I am ALL consumed with everything dealing with advertising.  This movie is no exception.  Especially the fact that TBWA/Chiat/Day is my DREAM agency! 🙂



Ok… my birthday is in late August… BUT until then.. start saving up money because I want a red panda. Seriously. I’ll name him Coco Scarferton.

I have to admit. I was a bit overwhelmed and not very impressed by the amount of location based check-in iPhone apps.  I tried so hard to give Foursquare a fighting chance.  I became the Mayor of so many fun places… then one day I looked at my phone and asked myself — WHY?! It […]

LOVE this song!! Why have I not been listening to this group earlier?!?! GEEZ!! Love this song… video is ok… but the song! WHEW! Go download it! P.S. I rock at chess btw. I am putting out a challenge to anyone!