Nikki Cox… disaster!


Poor Nikki Cox…. she’s looking a hot mess… UGH. Here’s the thing people. DON’T OVERDUE it on the plastic surgery! Is it that hard? Oh well… here’s a before and after —->


Even worse… her husband Jay Mohr is OK with it! Here’s pics of the two of them..


So sad! Just say ‘NO’, Nikki! PLEASE!!! It honestly looks like her lips might pop! AHH!

16 Responses to “Nikki Cox… disaster!”

  1. 1 GliTzDiePuTz

    PFUI !!!

  2. Hey Nikki i just wanted to let you kno i think you are still beautiful the way u are after ur plastic surgery…and i think u have a wonderful husband Jay Mohr who appreciates what u have done and what u look like still… and still loves you for who you are. Thats all that matters. Your a strong and beautiful talented women dont let anyone bring you down for what you do. Also i have to say this i love your husband im also a big fan of him ever since i watched him on Ghost Whisperer which i still do i still watch those reruns to see him.Thank You to the both of yall for what you do…i look forward to seeing more movies and shows from the both of yall. Good day be safe.

  3. 3 Brianna

    Hey, chelsea are you serious? SHES STILL BEAUTIFUL. Wtf? She looks like a generic doll. My god, i dont know why these celebrities go overboard on their plastic surgery. But i do know one thing this woman have REALLY went overboard. It look like somebody stuck cotton balls in her cheeks and injected jelly into her lips. EWw.

  4. 4 Brianna

    If anyone have a problem with what im saying. Uhm let me think. Get over it. Im just typing whats on my mind. Im not gonna sugarcoat anything.

  5. 5 prasad

    she is hot

  6. 6 C

    Yeah, the lips bother me too. She was just so beautiful without adding more to the lips. She is now looking like a young Joan Rivers. Very swollen and not natural looking. It hurts to even watch her on TV. She is pretty, but not a natural looking pretty. When plastic surgery goes wrong. Makes pretty girls look plastic.

  7. 7 Macke

    OMG!! She was so F*ing beautiful before. It looks like a bee stung her on her lips!

  8. 8 smudge


  9. 9 roo

    damn I`m so jealus of them looks like the most happy cuple damn wrong spellings.

  10. 10 Richie Garcia

    Wow! really bad decision… dont wanna make her feel bad, she @!#$%ed up though! Bag it Jay!

  11. 11 Richard

    Sweet tap dancing Jesus, Nikki has been butchered. Ridiculous mongoloid features coupled with Trout Pout. Sue the surgeon, get her into therapy immediately before she destroys herself. What a horrific mess!

  12. Barbie Dolls don’t have that much plastic.
    Hope she don’t get near any high flames.

  13. I believe she look like a Czechoslavakian cork socker. Maybe she needs to hook up with Borat

  14. 14 Willy

    She is still better than Monica!

  15. Umm, newsflash, ladies and defenders, she is ugly now. Now, I understand that noone as hot as she was for a while can stay that hot. But we’ll never know will we? She had to get the implants for the roles she played. There probably was no way around that. She carried weight REAL well, so there was ZERO need to slim down. She’s had more done to her face than lips. Her eyes have been wrecked. THe whole face is toast. Her mouth was gorgeous before. There was not a single thing wrong with this woman. Seems like women in America or CA or wherever don’t seem to get that most men can spot unnatural in a split-second, no matter what some ripoff doctor tells them will look better.

    As far as looking young past 40, ladies it ain’t gonna happen, and neither will it happen for men. Use creams, exercise like crazy, do whatever, but plastic surgery just does not seem to work, at least in the cases we notice, which are MANY. Is the risk really worth the benefit? Jack NIcholson looks terrible, and still can draw an audience. He could stand to lose a lot of weight, but the guy still looks human even if ugly. look at Betty White. She’s an old lady!! She wouldn’t get these roles looking like a PS disaster.

    What happened to Nikki Cox is a tragedy. That girl was hotness personified, and sure, it was bound to go, but she’s only 32!!! THIRTY-TWO!!! She had another ten good years at least. And what is with wearing the cleavage shirts if your chest is wrecked. CMON ALREADY. Oh well, I always knew this chick was nuts with the guys she married, two from her show. Her two husbands had a damn grand time, I’m sure. Phew what a bombshell she was.

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