Diet starts tomorrow…


UGH. Worst part of the year.  When I decide to go on a diet. LOOK OUT potential suitors and friends in a two mile radius…. AHHHHHH …. demonic diet inducing craziness is about to start!! BWAHAHA. OK so technically I started my diet two weeks ago…. BUT currently I’m in Colorado with my family and they are of course spoiling me to lots and lots of food. I also don’t feel like jumping up at 6am to go exercise when I’ve been catching up on DVR until 2am the night before.  So sue me.  Tomorrow it is! I’m thinking of a doing a hybrid.  Starting out with the master cleanse heading into South Beach (goodbye carbs! <tear>) heading into Weight Watcher’s point system. WHEW. I might need an assistant to help me with all of this! Anywho…. keep a look out for strange posts! 🙂 


One Response to “Diet starts tomorrow…”

  1. Maybe you should try the Ab Diet. That is what is working for me, and it does not feel as much as a toil as most low-carb or low-calorie diets. Just mix it up with cardio exercises and some basic minor weight lifting.

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