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Looking at back at some of my favorite advertising masterpieces of all time… I found one that’s so low brow —  it’s HILARIOUS.  OK. I remember when Hardee’s/Carl’s JR came out with this fab commercial. OH how I love it.  OH how I love the Western Bacon burger… MMM… all I think about on my […]

I found this a while back and found it quite beautiful.  I’ve always been a fan of the beautiful and very French Audrey Tautou.  Here she is in the long version of the Chanel No 5 commercial…  

Poor Nikki Cox…. she’s looking a hot mess… UGH. Here’s the thing people. DON’T OVERDUE it on the plastic surgery! Is it that hard? Oh well… here’s a before and after —-> Even worse… her husband Jay Mohr is OK with it! Here’s pics of the two of them.. So sad! Just say ‘NO’, Nikki! […]

This is what Austin needs == A GREEN Pizza box! I love it.  I would really use this on a weekly basis (OK … if I wasn’t on my horrendous DIET – UGH).  Maybe I should get endless pizza from Homeslice for posting this–and telling them about it! 😀  



I really… really… REALLY love this video. Enjoy Whack-A-Kitty!  

So I needed some therapy last week…. just a lot on my mind and nowhere to express it.  I tried some writing and it felt uninspired.  I poured myself more and more into my workout routines.  Fail.  There just seemed to be some weird continuing spiral of confusion inside my head.  So I took to […]

Daft Hands…


A wonderful remake to “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” using words written on someone’s hands! VERY SWEET.