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So I re-watched the amazingly fascinating movie “Paris Je’Taime” and I was FLOORED! ! I forgot how great this movie was!! Perhaps because when I saw it in the theater it was with the ex…but still… after watching it tonight I have completely swooned myself all over this amazing film.  With 18 different directors working […]

Dramatic CAT!


Imagine you’re floating along in your boat (hopefully not lost like those NFL players!!) ..and you stumble across a PINK dolphin?!?! What has Lisa Frank taken over the world? Are you on the LOST island?! No! You’ve met an albino dolphin!! This pink wonder lives in the gulf of Mexico and has been causing quite […]

After a rather strange-no-reason hiatus… I’m BACK! Parents lock up your daughters! Ha! Hopefully I will be better at blogging! 🙂    Let’s see if that works! 🙂