Keith Olbermann’s passionate speech on Prop 8


I haven’t quite had the chance to write all I think and feel America is headed with voting and passing prop 8 in California… but here’s Kaith Olbermann’s passionate speech regarding the subject… 

One Response to “Keith Olbermann’s passionate speech on Prop 8”

  1. 1 Rozmarija Grauds

    More than four states need to pass a law recognizing valid marriage between gay couples before we can accuse Iraq of being savage as it murders gay men. Hurrah for Keith Olbermann! Remembering the killings of young gay men in America in the past few years, we’re not that far out of the caves of ignorance, fear, and hatred. Keith Olbermann’s Prop8 speech should stand next to those of Lincoln, FDR, and MLK Jr.

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