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I have absolutely NO IDEA what this video means…. but I LOVE IT! 🙂  My friend Duncan sent it to me… see what you think…  

My FAVORITE new internet sensation is slowing down Jeff Goldblum’s Apple commercials until it sounds like he’s intoxicated.  I find them REALLY… REALLY humorous… ENJOY!   

2009 and Me


yes I realize I have been VERY slow on the posts… it’s called LIFE and the craziness that follows.  I promise to update VERY soon the blog world on all of the things in the last month that have made my life exciting but very busy… until then enjoy the fun pictures and videos!

I haven’t quite had the chance to write all I think and feel America is headed with voting and passing prop 8 in California… but here’s Kaith Olbermann’s passionate speech regarding the subject… 

Sock and Awe!!


You gotta play this great gam!! SOCK and AWE ] click above or click HERE

Cute Animals


these made me smile a little longer today….