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This is super cute.  It is also super bizarre.  It’s a cute cat cuddling with a cute horse with an amazing song in the background.  Enjoy! 🙂   

Ok… I feel like this a lot of mornings at work…  I just need a place to rest my head…

Whistling dog!!


I want a dog that whistles this cute!! I bet it’s fun for the first couple days…. THAN when he knows it will wake you up… uses it to destroy!   

Talk about freaky advertising! UGH! This commercial from yesteryears is FREAKY!! I wouldn’t give my daughter this doll!! 

So I’m officially a nerd.  I knew I was since around 4th grade… but it’s official.  This show seriously rocks my world.  I Have started a re-run marathon of all the seasons back to back.  I’m convinced I’m a Cylon (which rocks) as well as I’m throwing a party for the Season Finale (sometime in […]

I have been known to pack a lot for a trip… even came back from Northern California with a 70lb suitcase (when you’re allowed 50lbs!).  Mariah Carey has lost it though… talk about coming with baggage!! 🙂 lol   \

This is by far the cutest thing I’ve seen on the internet…. a LIVE web cam inside a Shiba Inu Puppy bed!! It’s also streaming so the fun NEVER stops! 🙂