Man Cuts Off His Own Head With A Chainsaw When Asked To Evict



That’s all I can say.  Apparently a man in the UK was being evicted, offered a place to live and instead decided to prove a “point” and cut his head off with a chainsaw…. by his own doings.  Weird.  Here’s an excerpt and a picture of the flat.  I don’t think the place looks that nice to fight for…. 🙂 article-1087437-02873dac000005dc-410_468x308

He added: ‘We had seen him a week prior to his death and he had appeared cheerful and had been making jokes. His death was totally unexpected.’  

It is believed Mr Phyall killed himself two days before his body was found.

The inquest heard that on April 18 a letter was sent to all residents of the block by First Wessex Housing Group Ltd saying the building would be demolished.

However, Mr Phyall refused to leave his one-bedroom flat and had been taken to court by the housing association.

Two weeks before his death First Wessex Housing Group had been awarded possession of the flat giving them legal entitlement to evict him.

Recording a verdict of suicide, Deputy Central Hampshire Simon Burge said Mr Phyall had killed himself in a bid to ‘make a statement’.

He said: ‘The scene was clearly an appalling one.

‘In the 15 years I have been sitting as deputy coroner it is the most bizarre case I have seen.

‘Mr Phyall had thought through how he was going to commit suicide very carefully – he went to a great deal of trouble to rig up the chainsaw knowing full well the result would be fatal.

‘It was death in the most dramatic way imaginable.

‘I find he did so to draw attention to the injustice he felt at being asked to move out of his flat.’

via Daily Mail

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