McCain supporter denies candy to Obama supporting trick or treaters


Found this news clip on YouTube. CRAZY! The woman in a suburb of Detroit refused to give candy to any kid that supports Obama or parent’s support Obama.  I’m sure it’s logical… considering you shouldn’t be trick or treating if you’re of voting age! :


2 Responses to “McCain supporter denies candy to Obama supporting trick or treaters”

  1. 1 Anon

    The economic system is very important. I believe more so than the political system. A capitalist economic system embraces more laissez-faire and equal opportunity, whilst a socialist economic system embraces more economic interventionism and equal outcome.

    If you think about it, even in a democratic political system the elected official becomes a dictator if the economy is socialistic and centrally controlled. A good example of this would be Adolf Hitler and NAZI Germany.

  2. 2 Wonko's Apprentice

    This woman is either extremely misguided, hateful, or crazy. Either way, it’s sad she had to turn a holiday about fun into something so ugly and pointless.

    Just as a side note, I am completely missing the connection between comment #1 and this post – it’s about as relevant as a child’s political affiliation is to how much he deserves some Halloween treats.

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