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What is Art?


My cousin Kelly Rae is currently attending Stony Brook University for an Art Masters/PhD and it got me thinking about art and what is art in this modern world of ours.  My friend Will O. said it best when he told me this pearl of wisdom: I have always thought that the beauty created by art, […]

Listen to the entire “Circus” CD by clicking HERE

I’m out of town for Turkey Day!! Hope you have plenty in life to be thankful for! I know I have plenty in my life that I am blessed with… So thank you!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

I love how dumb Sarah Palin is.  I really do.  I love it even more that since the election results more and more info and awareness is being presented to how uneducated she is.  She’s that insane.   Well this video made my day… NAY… my month.  Sarah Palin was asked to pardon a turkey […]

I really want one.    Like REALLY REALLY BAD…… Engadget has done a review HERE. Going into this review, we really wanted to love this phone. On paper it sounds like the perfect antidote to our gripes about the iPhone, and in some ways it lives up to those promises — but more often than […]

Bizarre.  That’s all I can say.  Apparently a man in the UK was being evicted, offered a place to live and instead decided to prove a “point” and cut his head off with a chainsaw…. by his own doings.  Weird.  Here’s an excerpt and a picture of the flat.  I don’t think the place looks […]