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It’s a rough year for Halloween costumes… I’m having a hard time picking one that I’ll LOVE.  I’m thinking of being a Race Car Driver by day and Sarah Palin by night…. or one of the two below….   

So I ran across BC Jean’s website where she recorded her song “If I Were a Boy” …. a song that Beyonce just released.  Kinda odd…. I wonder if she’s stolen any other songs? Or if BC Jean got smart and sold it to her! 🙂 check out BC Jean’s website HERE and Beyonce’s song […]

At least it’s for a good cause!! Andy Roddick offered up private lessons to Elton John’s AIDS Foundation… and he said he would do it shirtless.  The bid went up to $11,000.  THEN he said he would do it completely nude?!?! crazy.  The winner was an elderly lady who paid $15,000 for the complteley nude […]

I completely forgot about this song until my iTunes library decided it would be fun to add it to the Genius playlist.   So I HAD to look up the video to remember what it was… and I forgot how much I liked the song/video.  I remember that I used to watch the video at […]

I came across both of these today at work and they made me smile….  The first one is from BrightKite (which is apparently the NEW hip thing?!).  I’ve been a beta tester for over five months… since moving to Austin though there hasn’t been as many users as in Denver (where it’s based).   The […]

This is how I need to start my morning…. although I’m sure the neighbors found it humorous for about 2 minutes. 🙂