Baby eats dog..



My Korean friend saw it and said — “How Asian of her!?!”


8 Responses to “Baby eats dog..”

  1. 1 iza

    a gdzie jest matka i co to za matka ktora pozwala tak traktowac male szczeniaczki – co za bahor Jezu na tej ziemi to jedynie żal zwierzat

  2. 2 jodi

    thats so nastey

  3. 3 pippa, 12 new zealand

    I showed this to my little sister of 5yrs old. She was horrified and said- “does this mean that I have to eat a puppy?”

  4. 4 haley

    thats terible your just ltiing her picthat puppy up like that it could hurt it

  5. 5 Nacole

    what in the hell y would u eat a poor helpless puppy its just like eating a human baby! u wouldnt like now would u!!

  6. 6 daisdnf

    kk ppl i knoe its sorda nastay but she’s just a litttle baby she dosent know anything plus, all babys put items in their mouth.

  7. 7 chelsey

    omg thats just rude how is that evan funny shes hurteing baby dogs and ur just standing thar tacking pics thats just ignrt

  8. 8 chelsey

    the babby is not but her parents do not no any thing they should get arstid the babby is not no any thing so its the parents falt dont blame it on a babby

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