Marc Ecko Star Wars line!!!


How cool are these?? 

I want these hoodies!!! Except they’re 98 bucks?!?! CRAZY!!! 


2 Responses to “Marc Ecko Star Wars line!!!”

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  2. 2 Disgruntled

    Surprise surprise… Kick-ass stormtrooper hoodies indeed, but yet another US website that is incapable of shipping abroad…
    You wudda thought they’d want to take advantage of the worthless dollar and export these things to the rest of the world that can readily afford $98!
    Why do Americans find international shipping so confusing? I know most of them don’t know where the rest of the world actually is (England? That’s near London right?) but luckily we’re not relying on them to deliver stuff any further than the local postoffice…

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