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  Found this article… VERY interesting!! Who knew?!?!    When you see somebody you hate, whether it’s an evil ex or a mean colleague, your brain undergoes a rather unexpected transformation. A new study published in PLoS One today reveals that hatred isn’t the blind, irrational emotion it might seem. In fact, hate activates the brain regions […]

OK…. it’s my new obsession. I LOVE IT!! It’s called ‘Literal Music Videos’ and they are just amazing…ever wish music videos sang about what was actually going on in the video?? well….here’s two that I love!! —Take On Me — —Head Over Here—-

I don’t know why I love this video so much… but it made me laugh and laugh until I started crying!! I’m sure I’m going to you know where for thinking it’s funny..but she did post it on YouTube! 🙂

Saw this today. Thought it might be a nice idea to give the Dark Knight a run at the oval office!! 🙂

I do love the skits… my favorite had to be the first one with Hillary and Palin but last Saturday’s was comedic as well… here they both are … (I love the Rap! I’ve included the lyrics as well!) Tina Fey is quoted as saying — ““If she wins, I’m done… and by ‘I’m done,’ […]

I found this website that lists the last meal requests of different inmates in Texas. I find it fascinating what people request.  Everything from a bag of Jolly Ranchers to a pot of Coffee to a whole slew of things… I’m thinking this would be my last meal – 4 slices of French Toast, 3 […]