omg…I’m going to be hit by a hurricane….


So I wasn’t too stressed about Hurricane Ike, until I heard the update on it.  It’s apparently going to hit Saturday morning at the coast and reach Austin with up to 70 MPH winds.  Oh my goodness….I’m going to fly away.  So needless to say I’m a little worried.  It’s already killed over 100 people on it’s way here.  Luckily I’m a ways in from the coast…where as Corpus or Galveston are going to get hit the worst.
So hopefully all will be well.  They are advising Austinites to fill up their car and have food to cook as the wind might knock down power and the such.  Should be exciting.  I’ll be blogging any crazy activity that happens!!! 
Just so you out of country/state people know where I’m at…the top photo is the forecast for it’s path and the map below is of the Lone Star state…. so Austin is a little ways in!! 🙂

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