old navy and target ads..


I’m always amazed by how TV spots have the opportunity to embed their brand into your psyche.  I’ll have to do a post on random ads that have changed advertising…but as of today I’m focusing on Target and Old Navy.  Two brands that have seen pretty radical changes of their focus audience over the past five years.  I’m a huge fan of Target’s ads….and they always seem to make me smile.  Here are some of my favorite of theirs:




I think what I’m most struck by is the editing and the engaging reaction it gets from the audience watching it.  The first ad is very creative in the split screen and the regular people vs. everyday household items.  Cute for sure.  The second is good for branding and being creative with showing how “Target” is everywhere.  It’s in everything you have.  The third clip is an example to how beautiful women can be done up and edited in a way that’s quite fascinating.  They play with time a lot in the editing… going from slow to fast, matching the music.  I’m a big fan.  
Now the Old Navy ones…. 


What we have here is two completely different spots done extremely well with both music, character, attitude, placement and form of text and fonts, etc.  They were both done by the same agency: Mac Guff  which is quite a cool visual effects company.  I had the nice opportunity to talk with one of the creators over email regarding Film and the possibility of having an online Film Community and Class setting that I would help run.  I like the two ads because of what they make you feel.  The editing of the shots combined with the music is actually quite powerful.  The first one is just plain exploitation in a way of… “because we have Old Navy swimsuits, we’re cooler than you, hotter than you, and have more fun than you.”  I liked it.  Ha! It made Old Navy look…. (dare I say?!): Cool.  The second one is fascinating in that they have a minute length one that goes into each character’s story a bit more.  It’s available to watch on their website and I’d recommend it.  
JUST my two cents for tonight! 🙂 

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