was i an american teen?


I got to go to an advanced screening of this film last night… it was… interesting.  I wasn’t that impressed to say the least.  Given that it’s supposed to be a Documentary, it didn’t quite live up to the standards I was expecting.  Some story lines seemed forced and edited down to a very specific stereotype.  If you want to see the rich, straight, white lifestyle of teenagers…. be my guest.  I feel actually bad for these kids as it feels like they were exploited.  Now, as they are two years after graduation are being forced to be held accountable for their actions in High School.  I know I was a freakishly good kid in HS… but I wouldn’t want to recount it all on film! I would have been the “Geek” as I was super involved in Marching Band and Theater!  🙂  ANYWAYS… go see it for yourself and let me know what you think… I’m just happy I was on the VIP list and didn’t have to pay! 🙂 

One Response to “was i an american teen?”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    they didn’t look rich to me

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