the twins


The second coming of the messiah(s) has happened! At least that’s what People Magazine thinks… 
Born in France (awesome) and staying at their chateau (even more awesome), the twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon were born.  Their pictures show up in People magazine for … (are you ready for this!?!)…. $14 MILLION dollars!!! CRAZY!?!?! They go paid that much money for photos of the twins.  Wow.  Talk about selling your kids out for some dough! 
I must say that they may be the hottest twins in the entire world… (sorry Cameron and Duncan Ramsay!) 🙂 

One Response to “the twins”

  1. 1 Duncan

    hmm, I dont know what to say – cuter than Cam and I? OUTRAGE. Clearly you have not seen enough of my baby photos.
    we were talking about the twins today at work… it was news to me that they even had twins!

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