drunk moose bites toddler



Let me first say this story made my day. NAY… it made my week.  
So apparently in Sweden there was this cute little toddler just playing away in a sandbox, when all of a sudden…. OUT of the forest…. came a DRUNKEN MOOSE!  It apparently staggered up and bit her on the arm!! 
The little girl screamed! 
WHAAAAA!!!!   (or in her native Swedish tongue — “WHÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ”)
The mother ran out and asked what happened, as the little girl recounted how she was nibbled on by a intoxicated moose!! 
Apparently the Moose (whom I’ve nicknamed Woozy Moosesy) was chowing down on fermented apples.  Those tainted apples inebriated the poor Moose.  Strange no? 
So the local villagers with their pitchforks and torches waited by the fermented apple pit and shot the Moose in the butt! Poor moose! They should have put out some black coffee and a cold shower…. oh well! 🙂 

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