why are you doing meth?


I apparently am innocent… but I haven’t come across anyone in my life that has actually done meth.  

I do have a friend that broke up with a girl because she was doing meth.  
Let’s do our research people…. it’s not quite the glamourous choice we think it is.  I will admit that there are many things in life that we think we’ll never be these extreme cases….and then somehow we still take that small step down the road.  I’ve never done anything this crazy, but I can understand the idea of walking on loose gravel.  

22 Responses to “why are you doing meth?”

  1. 1 steve

    jus tryin to get high man

  2. 2 Olie

    Get high on life

  3. so I can look just like all those people up there.

  4. 4 jordan rivers

    get a life … what a bunch of losers!!!!!!! this is sick!!!!

  5. 5 Brittany

    Those of you who are using meth are dumb..your just throwing your life away..All your doing is killing your self slowly…ohhhh because you get to get high..havent u heard of weed..if u need to get high do that instead

  6. 6 pat fuckin gaitor

    you are all fuckin retards
    no one who does meth would be on a computer

  7. 7 kotty

    you’re right gaitor, cause they pawned it for meth already.

  8. 8 ana

    i think that these people were no longer doing meth or drugs for fun but now they need this drug and will do anything to get it no matter what they do to get it they will get there hands on it.

  9. 9 ex active addict

    Meth is a death sentance. I did it for 7 years and I damn near lost my life. You dont know it when you first get into it, it makes you loose weight, your more engergetic, and can party harder, but then the horror comes, when you never sleep. YOu look like a zombie and no matter how often you use, you never feel high. Your family disowns you and you think its everyone elses problem. Then your slamming it… Yeah the one thing you always looked down on, the thing you would never do. You do alot of things you said you would never do – now on a daily basis. Meth ruined my life. But for me I had to quit all drugs, I dont even drink anymore. I got help from narcotics anonymus and I have my dignity back.

    Meths no joke, but there is a way out.
    Shit if this once homeless dope feind could find her way out, you kids ” just trying to get high” can find your way out of a hopeless situation. Put the pipe down before it becomes a needle. Put the needle down before it becomes the last thing you ever do.

  10. 10 ex active addict

    P.S. “just weed” or “just a couple beers” isnt cool either, before you stoners know it, youll be on the hard shit too. It could be a matter of days, or decades, but the drugs always will out when you live an active addicts lifestyle.

    Im not talking out of my ass, I know from experience.
    all i know is what happened to me. dont say i didnt warn you

  11. 11 clay

    meth rocks

  12. 12 Babe Ruth

    dammmmn hell naw all ya niggas are fucking ugly
    what the fuck is going on in ur shit head
    meth kills ya quick…hope ya got ur shit ready for ya funeral cuz it gonna come quick….=[[

  13. 13 krankytheklown

    babe ruth that is bullshit meth kills ya quick. an addict and survivor of my addiction I have found myself begging for death so I just didn’t have to use again. I find myself today not clean but can count the daysthat I did not have to use that added into years. oh again about today I am not high on meth yay but the weed and beer are what seem to be a necesity to maintain my sanity. I know I have permanatly damaged the old brain and that old sponsor guy will even come see me if I check into a mental hosp. I have warrants for some stupid DUI that has haunted me for almost five years. ya know some of us that choose do do that dope the first time get a chance to sit in a chair and stay sober yet not everyone gets to stay. those unfortunates whom cannot behonest. thats me. everything sucks and is fucked did you know that .5 of 5% of meth addicts that find recovery get to die clean and sober. for the rest of us it is off to jails institutions and yes the ever so wanted death……………….I know that sounds suicidal but its not. there is somthing about the thrill of bieng crazy and dodging bullets that thives this meth addict to keep going back and keep saying fuck it..

  14. 14 zak

    meth is a deadly drug once you try it 1 time you will never get out of. you change from a very good looking girl or a hansom man into a ugly zombie.thats how bad it is.stop doing meth or else it will take your life away.

  15. 15 notdongmeth

    krankytheclown i wish i could help u. i live in nyc and i see people all the time that need help. i cant do anything what can i do? drugs are so awful im an addict myself i smoke and i hate it but this??

    im from iowa and i know what meth sores look like. its awful to see what has happened to some of the people i went to high school with. i wouldnt wish it upon any creature, and u want to just pull the people u see fall in out of the muck and u CANT!! u cant do anything is the worst part. u have to be strong, extremely strong mentally, and believe in the possibility of a different life, to even start on the path of getting out. and not listen to your mind when it starts telling u all the reasons u should take whatever again. there will always be reasons. ‘not today’ ‘not now’ ‘i dont care’ ‘fuck everything’ ‘this is who i am’ ‘this is my life’ etc etc bullshit!! it shouldnt be anyones life and u can get out. u have to claw ur way back to a real HUMAN life every step of the way but if u want it to happen it WILL! seriously, you’re worth it and you can do it!!
    and when its over, u will be able to do anything. nothing will be as monumentally, intimidatingly awful again.

  16. 16 jjthunder

    i tried meth once and didnt get addicted i dont give a fuck. i guess im just a pro and a straight loc and shit. this shit is weak and will fuck your life. these fools are stupid to get addicted, i cant get addicted to anything cigs, meth, ect. the only thing im addicted to is world of warcraft lolololol stick to weed, i love weed i smoke that shit everyday nothing wrong with weed. can anyone tell em why people start smoking meth? i just tried it to prove i cant and wont get addicted and did so.

  17. 17 melkd

    Meth is no joke. I have seen and been through it all growing up. My brother started smoking before the age of ten, then that lead onto smoking weed and steeling my mothers pills. Then my dad got activated to Iraq, and my brother started trying other drugs. He soon got to meth. I love my brother with all my heart but he did ruin our lives, yet made us all stronger. I was in the third grade, i felt so helpless because my brother was always flippin out, hunting for a way to get the next high, pounding doors and shit while my mom was going loony. There was too much shit for her to deal with at the time that she literally went crazy. I remember walking into the living room and my mom was hallucinating and thought i was my brother and started screaming at me to get the fuck away from her. I then started to try some things because i felt like i had to escape. I was on my own. But then soon enough my mom sent me away to live with family i have never met in Alaska. They were pretty cool i guess…kinda odd though but at least i got out of that hell. I came back a few months later and everything was worse. By brother had these empty sad eyes, that were crying out for help. He knew he wanted help so he made the choice to drop out of high school and get into a good treatment. Years pass and he is now clean, but he relapses a few times but fought it through and got clean again. He is always going to be fighting the battle to stay clean the rest of his life but im always going to be here for him.

  18. 18 Vaida

    This is a response to: ex active addict, you know there has been studies done that clearly state that “weed is a gateway drug” is a false statement. The fact that some marijuana users decide to try other “harder” drugs is the users choice not the drug making them make that decision. There are plenty of “pot heads” who are content with just smoking pot. Sometimes, one cannot believe everything that is being fed to them by “officials”.

    This is not to offend, just to inform.

  19. 19 Joanne

    Statistics say that almost half of the adolescents who are using any kind of drugs will be addicted later.Addiction comes in different forms. Science also claims that not everyone gets addicted.It also depends on what kind of personality you have, some are weaker, some are stronger. Drug addiction is related to a low self-esteem…in other words, some people just really don’t care if they are going to die, because in their minds they are not valuable. I , like other teenagers got at some point in a wrong direction. But I never got so close to death, like these people. Now , it’s funny, I’m going to become a psychologist…I can’t describe how naive are people when they are talking about drugs , using phrases like ,, just getting high ” . Television is not a source of information ! Neither the internet ! Just take a god damm medicine book and see with your own eyes what these things are…I heard so many of my friends telling me that they know everything about drugs and that there is no real danger.They were all so wrong.Things are so much complex…and children are not aware of this complexity, this is the first step to nowhere. Just listen to these people who are telling you ,, please” , they know better what they are talking about.

  20. 20 alyssa

    im doing a project on meth.
    and its boring.

  21. 21 alyssa

    oh and they taught me how to make a meth lab on youtube.

    is thaT normal?
    what if i actually wanted to make one?!
    i soo couldvee!


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