cutest kitten ever…..


19 Responses to “cutest kitten ever…..”

  1. I love this kitten!

  2. kitteh looks just like mama cat daw

  3. 3 noa

    I think that kitty is the most cutset thing I ever saw! I think that whoever made these pictures should include more animals, like a small puppy next to the cat. I think that the pictures that had the kitten’s mom in it were kind of bad, because the people’s eyes has to be on the kitten not on the mom. But all the other pictures were great.

  4. 4 catarina


  5. 5 sean

    i hate the mother.

  6. 6 kealan

    that kitty is so cute. I would love 2 c more pictures.

  7. 7 margaret Anderson

    i think like noa.

  8. 8 AshleyKayy (:

    I love cats, never seen anything so effin cute in my life! (: makes me smile.

  9. Sooooo cute!!!!! When i saw it i was like oh my gosh awwww so cute!!!! Is that a calico cat?

  10. 10 katie

    this really is the cutest kitty in the world he he

  11. awwwwe cutest cat ever i cant believe how cute it is

  12. 12 sam

    i am soooooooo in love with how cute this cat is

  13. awww, I nearly cryed coz’ it’s sooooooooooo cute

  14. awww, she has big cute eyes

  15. 15 sophie

    Someone PLEASE tell me what kinda cat that is??

  16. awww, thats a cute kitten….. I would like to see more pics of her

  17. 17 Grace

    OMG i.loooooooove.that.kitten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 18 mic

    OMGSH> that is so…awwwww ;D i ❤ this kitten~

  19. awwwww…also like the mom

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