vote for my homie Josh for fans’ favorite 2008



So my homie Josh Alcala is a player for the football (soccer to all you YANKEES…) team here in Austin.

Reasons why he’s cool…..

1. He’s got my back when people try to fight me downtown
2. He keeps me OUT of fights downtown
3. He’s half-hispanic: ergo….1/2 bad ass
4. He got injured and still whooped butt
5. He works for Apple and hacked his iPhone (kinda funny? right?)
6. Wildest 1/2 Filipino 1/2 Spanish kid I know!
7. Makes up 1/3 of the überly cool secret group – JosTimKimberly
8. He breaks girls hearts like he scores soccer goals! GOOOOAAAALL!

and finally…
9. He’s a defender….which is what the troops are doing over in Iraq.
Don’t you have a heart? All you crazy conservatives out there with your yellow ribbons and such?!? SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!! — i.e. vote for Josh Alcala

so go here for the roster—

and THEN email —

telling them YOU want JOSH ALCALA to be voted the 2008 Fans’ Player of the Season!!!!

THANKS y’all! and pass it along to your friends…or email from another gmail account like I’m going to do!

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