love/hate #2



:Lean Cuisine Pizzas
:Whataburger has BREAKFAST tacos 24/7… OMG (OK I just was informed by Robert/Bobby that they are only 11pm-11am…. I’M PISSED!) 
:the $1.00 Diet Coke I get that’s 44 oz. at the mall… bwahaha
:Fried Pickles. Seriously. They changed my life. Check them out
:That there’s an annual Picklefest in Atkins
:That I have friends visiting me in July/August/September/October
:I actually requested time off for the Corgi Celebration in Austin
:That I made the “Hot on the Town” list for my 4th of July appearance…
:Central Market
:WALL-E… seriously…go watch it.
:I took my iPhone out of it’s’s NAKED! 🙂 
:Falling asleep listing to Sigur Ros
:Altar Boyz…umm.. it was hilarious
:Communicating with deaf customers
:Feeding the Dolphins
:That Austin, TX premieres movies before NYC and LA
:AnnaLisa from work ALSO drinks Pickle Juice from the Jar! 🙂
:I got hit on by someone’s Great-Grandma
:Alex Wagner… for getting me the best $1 Diet Coke I’ve ever had! 🙂
:”That’s what she said”
:that Corinne Bailey Rae’s husband died
:skinny people
:midgets with an attitude
:I’m working seven days in a row
:Obama’s campaign (I still love Hillary…)  🙂
:AnnaLisa (aka Banshee) for sitting next to me and cussing at Hillary
:When someone says I look like a “hot tranny mess”
:texting while driving
:I gained 5 lbs from visiting Kristie and Chris
:Micro-managers (not like SMALL managers… although they are obnoxious…micro-managing bothers me)
:Cover charges at clubs? I don’t think so…this is Austin
:That my family lives 1,000 miles away
:People that wink at you. WEIRD

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