love/hate #1


So I’ve decided to create a weekly love/hate blog column… to kinda just illustrate what of the week I’m loving and hating

I love the San Jose Hotel
I love Austin
I love being the best driver in Austin
I love being single
I love avoiding fights on 6th street w/Josh
I love North Campus living
I love my roommate
I love watching Tila Tequila
I love that’s everything will be alright
I love breakfast Tacos
I love Jill Scott
I love it takes me 12 minutes to drive to work
I love that Austin’s median age is 29
I hate the first cockroach I’ve seen in Austin
I hate my obnoxious neighbors
I hate half of my 12 minute drive to work
I hate I can’t afford sushi every night
I hate right wing conservatives that act like Lesbians
I hate humidity
I hate power outages (apparently they happen a lot in Texas…. weird)
I hate people that say one thing to me and another to someone else
I hate the fact that cockroaches can come up a bathtub drain… EWWWW

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