rude chipotle women


First I must start out by saying I am Spanish and am in no way being racially disrespectful to my own people…ha!
Ok, so I’ve been to the original Chipotle in Denver, Colorado more times than I can count.  One of my FAVORITE places in the entire WORLD is Chipotle.  I’ve really but unhealthily obsessed for YEARS now… I think I’ve actually been a fan since 1999/2000 is when I remember first eating there all the time.
ANYWAYS…. my point being this— 
I love you my Mexican-Mamacita line servers, but enough with the attitude.  
From every location I’ve been to– Denver, Orange County, NYC, and most recently Austin….. have had the most MOODY-life-hating servers! The other day I go in and it’s the …”How can I help you?” in the suicidal tone.  After asking for Chicken Fajita…. then asking for more fajita, more, NO more please! Same with the hot sauce, more hot sauce please, NO more please, MORE! …..the cheese, everything! Call me crazy but for $6.25 I want my burrito packed.  I love it though becuase I don’t look especially Spanish….so two things– 1. They don’t think I can handle my HOT sauce like I can….and 2. They don’t know I can understand certain Spanish phrases used to describe me and whomever I’m with.  Not that it’s that bad, but ‘moron’ and ‘demanding’ have certainly come up….
Now the CLENCHER is that if they are at all irritated me during the execution of the PERFECT burrito (Chicken Fajita, tiny bit of black beans, EXTRA hot (red) sauce, a little bit of green sauce, lots of cheese and a little bit of sour cream) I will always ask for them to stir it up with a fork.  ALWAYS gets an eye roll and I LOVE IT! 🙂 
SO please take a moment to loosen the bun underneath that hairnet and just relax for a bit… boy-kay? 

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  1. 1 Duncan

    10 points for using ‘bokay’ in a blog post.

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