spring awakening


So I’ve been kind of obsessed with the play “Spring Awakening” since February 22nd, 2007….don’t ask me why I know the exact date… ok… I’ll tell ya….  haha… I saw them perform on TV and it ROCKED my world.  

So I’m thinking of buying a plane ticket this Winter for a NYC trip (to visit my cousin Kelly Rae of course!!) and to see a couple musicals… “Spring Awakening” and “The Color Purple” … even if my home girl Fantasia isn’t in it anymore.  
First is a medley from the 2007 Tony Awards.  It has my second and third favorite song in it… “Mama who bore me,” and “The b#$ of living.” MY FAVORITE SONG is the second video… “Touch Me”… now let me explain myself… haha… some of you may not quite understand why it’s such an incredible song.  If you’re volunteering for the McCain campaign I would suggest not watching it….in fact… I would also suggest not reading my blog. 🙂  but if you have an appreciation for art, life, and a song that to me is primal in various different ways…. enjoy…. 


One Response to “spring awakening”

  1. 1 Danijuan

    Tim, those videos are awesome! I’m starting to become a fan…

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