the kills


saw the greatest concert last night! 

10pm, I get out of work and head towards my new friend Jeff and his wife’s place to let their cool four terrier dogs out….
10:25pm, I leave the ghetto (where they live) and head to 6th street.  
10:35pm, I FIND A PARKING SPOT ON 5TH AND BRAZOS!! …ok I realize if you’re not from Austin that doesn’t seem like a big deal… it’s like driving to the most major street in your city and finding the absolute perfect parking spot.  wild.
10:37pm, I arrive at The Parish and find out they are sold out! AHHH! I was stressed!! it was $16 at the door so i thought I’d try a scalper….
10:59pm, NO scalper…I’m freaking… OH WAIT… a scalper! I ask him how much and he says $20…..ewhwwww…. all I have is $12… he says OK! WOO HOO! i got in cheaper than he paid! bwahahaha…..
Ok…this is where the story gets scary.  Granted it’s 93 degrees at 11pm… not normal..and the venues AC is out. WOW. So i’m dying of heat and sweat but at least everyone else is so it’s no real biggie.  
11:40pm, The Kills take the stage and I found out a little bit more why they call Austin the live music capitol of the world… I tell ya… the streets are filled with music EVERY night.  It’s all they say it is and more! 
Here’s a video of them earlier this year in Austin at SXSW
— Cheap and Cheerful— 
My 2nd fav song’s music video

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